Macros & dockers for CorelDRAW

CardGenerator Docker

Version: 4.3.0   Compatibility: X7–2022

The new tool for generating and placement a large number of barcodes, qr codes, images and text, based on variables data, developed especially for actual CorelDRAW versions.


Version: 6.3   Compatibility: X7–2020

A unique pre-press solution right inside CorelDRAW, equally useful for individual designers and in print shops. With just a few clicks it diagnoses lots of typical CDR problems, making it easy for you to solve them, substantially saving your time and, thus, money.


Version: 2.1   Compatibility: X7-2019

This docker collects several simple macros for your daily work in CorelDRAW.


Version: 1.3   Compatibility: X7–2019

This docker allows you to create smooth bitmap drop shadows and inner shadows. Please compare it with the shadow effect in CorelDRAW, I'm sure you will find differences.

Open Source

Free macros with source code that you can modify.
More sources are available by following link:

Easy 2-click export to jpeg or png. Supports export as selections as all pages.
Export to jpeg (old version).
Copy/paste vector and raster objects between CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator.
A macro for batch finding and replacing of text in CorelDRAW.
A large collection of simple macros for daily work in CorelDRAW.
RecentFiles for CorelDRAW. Download