DropShadowDocker 1.3

This docker allows you to create smooth bitmap drop shadows and inner shadows. Please compare it with the shadow effect in CorelDRAW, I'm sure you will find differences.


This docker is a continuation of the Drop Shadow 4 macro, which works in CorelDRAW X3, X4 and X5.

Note: Version 1.3 is for X7 only. For X6 you have to use version 1.2.
Both versions included in the archive.



Tech Specs

CorelDRAW VBA must be installed.


  • CorelDRAW X6 ( or above)
  • CorelDRAW X7 ( or above)


  • EnglishUS (default)
  • Русский
  • Türkçe


  1. Download and run the Installer
  2. Start CorelDRAW
  3. Click OK in the pop-up question (if you don’t see it, open Macro Manager)

After these actions the docker can be open from menu Window > Dockers > DropShadow.

NOTE: This macro will only run on one machine (unless you buy multiple macros). If you buy the macro now, and want to run it on a brand new machine or different machine after receiving your first activation code, you must buy it again (please, look Q&A for more information). So, think carefully about which system you want to run it on, because each macro you receive will be locked to one system only. Your product activation key may take up to 24 hours to arrive, but is often much less.

Computer ID

Click Activation button in the docker.