CdrPreflight 6.3

A unique pre-press solution right inside CorelDRAW, equally useful for individual designers and in print shops. With just a few clicks it diagnoses lots of typical CDR problems, making it easy for you to solve them, substantially saving your time and, thus, money.


CdrPreflight modules

  • CdrPreflight docker is intended for displaying full, and most importantly, correct information about the contents of a CorelDRAW document. The macro will help you to find any object in the document with a simple click. Very easy and super fast! You can save a preset for what you want to see. For example, color information only or all effects only.
  • Converter (integrated in the docker) is used for automatic document editing (changing color models, rasterizing effects, converting fonts to curves and much more). The macro has about 100 options! Tweaking and facilities for saving presets make this macro an extremely helpful tool.
  • Bonus Pack provides you with different useful functions.

Differences between demo and full versions

Demo version Full version
Some values ​​are hidden in the docker. All values available in the docker.
Some options are blocked in the Converter. For example, include converting all colors to grayscale, and raster images are downsampled to 36 dpi. All options are available for change in the Converter.
Some bonus doesn’t work. All bonus works.

Tech Specs

CorelDRAW VBA must be installed.


  • CorelDRAW Х4 (
  • CorelDRAW X5 ( or above)
  • CorelDRAW X6 ( or above)
  • CorelDRAW X7


  • EnglishUS

NOTE: This macro will only run on one machine (unless you buy multiple macros). If you buy the macro now, and want to run it on a brand new machine or different machine after receiving your first activation code, you must buy it again (please, look Q&A for more information). So, think carefully about which system you want to run it on, because each macro you receive will be locked to one system only. Your product activation key may take up to 24 hours to arrive, but is often much less.

Computer ID

Click ‘About’ button in the docker, and then click ‘Activation…’ link.


If you own CdrPreflight 5.x, the new version will only be $9.95.