Where should you start?

It is assumed that you are running CorelDRAW X4 - X7. For lower versions, some macros will work, some won't. This is because macros use new features accessible through VBA, C# or Vb.NET with each new version of CorelDRAW. Be sure to read the 'Terms and Conditions'. And read the 'How to buy' if you want to buy one of the paid macros.

Best macros


Generate series of barcodes based on your variable data. Flexible numbering scenarios and automatic placement of variable data on document pages.


A unique pre-press solution right inside CorelDRAW, equally useful for individual designers and in print shops. With just a few clicks it diagnoses lots of typical CDR problems, making it easy for you to solve them, substantially saving your time and, thus, money.


This docker allows you to create smooth bitmap drop shadows and inner shadows. Please compare it with the shadow effect in CorelDRAW, I'm sure you will find differences.

Last updates

May 20, 2017

AiClipboard macro now available as open source

Feb 21, 2016

TextReplacer macro now available as open source

Jan 25, 2016

QuickExport macro now available as open source

Aug 27, 2014

CdrPreflight 6.3 macro now available

Apr 13, 2014

CardGenerator 5.2 macro now available

Apr 11, 2014

CdrToolsEx 2.1 now available