CardGenerator 5.2

Generate series of barcodes based on your variable data. Flexible numbering scenarios and automatic placement of variable data on document pages.

PAY ATTENTION: The current macro is no longer supported, and may not work on some configurations. It’s better to use new CardGenerator Docker, designed for CorelDRAW X7 and newer.


A detailed GUIDE.

This macro allows you to do merge text strings, barcodes, and images based on a tab-delimited text file.

It’s the most affordable solution we know about to create serialized bar codes in CorelDRAW. This is likely the main attraction for those who follow macros. Since they know that other solutions elsewhere range in the hundreds of dollars.

This macro doesn’t use CorelDRAW’s print merge at all; it has it’s own merge method. This allows it to be used for very challenging design situations where merge positions on a final press sheet are out of the ordinary.

This macro makes it possible to rapidly and easily create numbers, or to import and to place variable data into CorelDRAW, be it simple text, picture, or even bar codes! In minutes you can create 100 bar codes, each having their unique number - all without leaving CorelDRAW!


Possible uses for the CardGenerator macro:

  • The creation of different cards and fields, where in each copy you can indicate different data (name, number, bar code, photograph).
  • Creation of both simple and complex numbering.
  • Any other printed production, where data and/or images are changed from one copy to another.

What types of data are accessible to the macro?

  • Bar codes (any accessible into CorelDRAW type, except FIM)
  • Text
  • Images

Tech Specs

CorelDRAW VBA must be installed.


Note: the macro may not work in Windows 10.

  • CorelDRAW Х3 (
  • CorelDRAW Х4 (
  • CorelDRAW X5 ( or above)
  • CorelDRAW X6 ( or above)


  • EnglishUS
  • Russian

NOTE: This macro will only run on one machine (unless you buy multiple macros). If you buy the macro now, and want to run it on a brand new machine or different machine after receiving your first activation code, you must buy it again (please, look Q&A for more information). So, think carefully about which system you want to run it on, because each macro you receive will be locked to one system only. Your product activation key may take up to 24 hours to arrive, but is often much less.

Computer ID

Run the demo, and click on the ‘Click here for activate’ string.