CardGenerator Docker 1.0 beta 3

The new tool for generating and placement a large number of barcodes, developed especially for actual CorelDRAW versions (X7–2017).

SPECIAL OFFER: be the first one to try the new docker! There is a special discount 30% off, only now. Please note that the docker is still under beta testing. Main functions should work, but errors are possible.


Docker CardGenerator is a continuation of the ideas laid in the previous macro. Basic principles moved from the macro, but the docker got rid of its main problem: it doesn’t block the use of a computer, because uses own tools for generation of barcodes. Please note that you cannot use CorelDRAW during the docker’s operation. However, you can try to run another copy of CorelDRAW and do work in it.

The docker allows to create barcodes in a limited number without activation. This is the only restriction. Meanwhile you can use free version as much as necessary.

Supported types:

  • BarCodes:
    • CODE128 (A/B/C), GS1-128
    • EAN13, EAN8
    • UPC
    • CODE39
    • Codabar
  • Text:
    • Artistic

Note: the nearest plans are to add support of QR codes and images, as well as expand the list of barcode types.


  • Windows 7, 8.1 or 10
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • CorelDRAW X7, X8 or 2017


  • English
  • Russian

Is your language not in the list or found a spelling mistake?
You can participate in the localization of this project.

Installation and running

  1. Close CorelDRAW
  2. Install the docker using downloaded installer
  3. Run CorelDRAW
  4. Open the docker by menu command Window > Dockers > CardGenerator


A single activation key allows to activate the docker on a single computer only. If you buy the macro now, and want to run it on a brand new machine or different machine after receiving your first activation code, you must buy it again (please, look Q&A for more information).

Please note, your product activation key may take up to 24 hours to arrive, but is often much less.

Computer ID

To get and copy your Computer ID, needed:

  • Open the docker
  • Click About button
  • Click copy button inside the ID of current computer (CompID) field.